LatinMark LLC.

LatinMark is a primer provider of bulk trademark renewal and patent annuity payments. We specialize in the Latin American countries, which we intimately know. As a consequence, we are able to achieve economies of scale that we pass on to our customers.

If your IP portfolio includes trademark registrations and/or patents in Latin American countries, contact us to obtain a quote. You will be pleasantly surprised by the savings we can bring to your company.

Keep in mind that for patent annuity payment, and trademark renewals you can keep your current legal counsel in each country, while designating LatinMark only for the specific purposes of renewals and annuity payments.

Worldwide providers of bulk trademark renewal and annuity payments can also benefit from LatinMark, as we can be your partners in the region. By working with LatinMark, as opposed to local attorneys in each country, you can dramatically improve your margins.

Please contact us for quotes and further details at